Manuka Doctor Bee Venom Cream

Manuka Doctor Bee Venom Cream

Manuka Doctor prides itself of being able to provide the appropriate balance of essential ingredients to offer their customers formulated products that offer all-natural, functional solutions. They also adhere to a policy of high standards when it comes to the manufacturing processes and ingredients they select for they products, ensuring that they provide their customers with only the best quality products that are backed by independent laboratory testing and research.

All of the products in Manuka Doctor’s range have been independently and scientifically certified by Oritan, a company that collects, analyses and archives samples of manuka honey to determine whether or not it meets the geochemical specifications that are consistent with honey products in New Zealand. As a result of this certification, all genuine Manuka Doctor products bear a label detailing this certification, confirming their authenticity.

Manuka Doctor’s best selling bee venom cream is their Manuka Doctor Bee Venom face mask, a light-weight, deep penetrating, hydrating and easily absorbed face marks. It boasts all-natural ingredients that are formulated to increase the body’s own ability to regenerate and repair damaged skin cells, resulting in healthier, younger looking skin.

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Manuka Doctor Bee Venom Cream

Manuka Doctor Bee Venom Cream

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