Japan’s First Lady Begins Work on Tokyo Honeybee Project


Akie Abe, Japan’s first lady, wants to introduce hives to the country’s capital to house up to 10,000 Japanese honeybees, intending to harvest her own brand of honey later in the year, according to reports from local Japanese media.

Mrs Abe, who is known to frequently speak out on environmental issues, is reported to have taken inspiration from her American counterpart Michelle Obama, who is has already taken up apiculture at the White House.

Japan’s first couple visited the White House back in April of this year, which is where the first ladies compared notes and discussed at lenth the decline of honeybee populations worldwide.

After returning from a state visit to Washington, Mrs Abe contacted the Ginza Honey Bee Project.

The Ginza Honey Bee Project is a non-profit organisation that currently keeps honeybees in Tokyo and have already said that they’re willing to lend a hand to Mrs Abe, instructing her on how to care for her honeybees.

“I’m impressed honey can be harvested in the centre of Tokyo,” wrote Mrs Abe on her Facebook page in May.

“The environment where bees can live is an environment where humans can live safely. I want Japanese bees to come back.” she added.

Mrs Abe is planning to fill her hive with around 10,000 Japanese honeybees, hoping to complete the project as early as this month and to be able to harvest the first batch of honey this autumn.