How bee venom cream works

Bee venom contains Melittin and Apamin, which when applied to the skin causes the immune system to respond by increases the production of Elastin and Collagen, two proteins which are major components of the skin, working to repair and regenerate the skin.

The slowing down of Elastin and Collagen production in the body is one of the main factors behind the visible signs of ageing.

In addition to helping promote the body’s own production of these proteins, bee venom also tightens the skin, which is why bee venom creams are often described as an instant face lift, as the tightening occurs almost immediately after it has been applied.

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Scientific Studies

Cosmetic bee venom creams were first developed in Korea, and are a product of some 12 years of research by leading Korean doctors and skin care professionals. In this time there has been a number of clinical trials and study, one of which was conducted in the UK on women between the ages of 50 and 59, with the results being a visible improvement of their skin texture and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, leaving them looking noticeably more youthful.

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