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Manuka Doctor Bee Venom Face Mask
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Manuka Doctor’s bee venom face mask is a luxurious, deep-penetrating and hydrating face mask that is designed to help increase the body’s natural skin regeneration abilities. It is an all-natural, organic face mask that sits on the surface of the skin until rubbed in, being quickly and effortlessly absorbed after application. Once absorbed, the face mask gets to work to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a tighter, firmer and more youthful appearance. It’s also our second favourite of the best bee venom creams that are currently available, making it one of the creams we’d recommend.

Manuka Doctor’s bee venom mask also has a number of other properties that are beneficial to the skin. These include natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep your skin healthy.

Along with the bee venom, Manuka Doctor contains a number of other active ingredients, notably contains UMF 18+ (Unique Manuka Factor) Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly, two ingredients that are known to be full of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that your skin needs to stay young and healthy.


  • Easy to apply, quickly absorbed and lightweight
  • Will leave your skin feeling extremely soft and well hydrated
  • Doesn’t contain Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates


  • This product is best avoided if you’re allergic to bee stings
  • May cause breakouts if you have highly sensitive skin. If you have this skin type we’d recommend doing a patch test before applying the mask to your face.

User Reviews


Five Stars, 13 Mar. 2015
Really excellent product. My skin looks and feel great. Great service from!


Feels good. Very good price, 30 Sept. 2014
Hope it works. Feels good. Very good price.


Wonderful mask, 24 May 2014
I love this mask! It brings my tired skin to life. I work extreme shifts and they play havoc with my skin but this mask always makes me look fresh and rested. All manuka products are wonderful.

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The face mask doesn’t has a strong or particularly distinctive smell, although, that being said, the scent that it does have is pleasant, having hints of yogurt, honey and milk.


The texture of Manuka doctor’s bee venom face mask is different to other face masks you may be used to. It’s more thick, and rich like a face cream, however, is easy to apply and not messy. The mask also doesn’t dry really hard like some face masks can, making it comfortable on the skin and not too heavy.


Apply the face mask after cleansing once a day, in the morning. Once you have applied the mask, leave it for 20-30 minutes. You’ll start to feel a light stinging sensation almost immediately after it’s applied, although don’t worry, this is what is supposed to happen. Once 20-30 minutes has passed remove the cream and cleanse your face again.


Manuka honey: Helps the skin to retain moisture, has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helps to lessen the appearance of blemishes, and increases the production of natural collagen and elastin.

Propolis extract: This is the resin that bees use to seal their hives. It’s know for it’s antimicrobial, antibacterial and wound healing properties

Royal jelly: Promotes new skin growth and increases the moisture content of the skin which helps to effectively treat dry or damaged skin as well as making the skin look and feel more youthful

Cocoa Butter: High in fatty acids and antioxidants, Cocoa butter is effective at protecting the skin from free radicals and at keeping it moisturised. It’s known to be particularly helpful at reducing and managing the symptoms of eczema, dermatitis and a range of other skin irritations. It’s also use to prevent the development of stretch marks during pregnancy

Shea Butter: Rice in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and a number of essential fatty acids, Shea Butter is a popular ingredient for it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and moisturising properties. It’s particularly useful at improving dry skin, eczema and other skin irritation, as well as working to balance, hydrate and soothe skin

Black Currant Oil: Traditionally used as a treatment for skin healing skin trauma, Black Currant Oil is rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins, and is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and healing properties, helping the skin to more effectively repair itself. It’s particularly helpful for those suffering from psoriasis or eczema, as it can work to reduce the symptoms of these skin ailments

Rose Hip Seed Oil: Packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, rose hip seed oil helps delay the signs of aging by promoting new skin growth and collagen production, leading to firmer, smoother looking skin. It can also be helpful in reducing the appearance of age spots, hyper-pigmentation, scars and stretch marks