How to use bee venom cream

Bee venom cream should be applied to your face after cleansing once daily, in the morning as part of your regular beauty regime. Once applied, leave the bee venom cream on your face for no more than 20 minutes. Leaving the cream on your face for longer than that can result in redness, inflammation or hives. After 20 minutes have passed, don’t rub the cream in, instead clean your face again, removing the bee venom cream from your face.

When you apply the cream you’ll notice a slight stinging feeling. It’s a dull, warm stinging, and isn’t unpleasant and won’t cause discomfort. The stinging is nothing to be concerned about, so don’t become discouraged when using bee venom cream for the first time, instead just think of this as the cream working.

Once you’ve removed the cream from your face you’ll notice that your face looks tighter, flushed and younger pretty much immediately. These effects will typically last for 1-2 days, depending on your skin type. After the effects have worn off, proceed to reapply bee venom cream in the morning as and when required.

Please note that if you’re allergic to bee stings you should NOT use cosmetic products that contain bee venom.

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